Culture eats (or meets !!) Strategy for Lunch !

Culture eats (or meets !!) Strategy for Lunch !

When it comes to adopting data-driven decision making in People functions, culture can also gulp huge capital outlays. It will also require high-powered infrastructure and the smartest teams of data scientists. Numbers isn’t everything and human relationships are more complex than ‘easy to compute’ metrics. But just as Culture and Strategy needn’t be food for each other, human intellect can be reinforced through machine insights.

Consider data as an idle asset (not just a by-product of automation) which when subjected to ‘Analytics’ unleashes its true ROI!

So, Is your Culture Data-Driven? Ask yourself these key questions:

  • How often do senior executives review key operational or performance metrics? Do they use dashboards for on-demand reporting? 
  • Is ‘Gut-Feel’ decision making still in place for functions where data-driven approaches can be adopted? 
  • What is the turnaround time for Adhoc-reporting? 
  • Are the Reports easy to read, understand and effective? 
  • How many different data sources are used to make strategic decisions? 
  • Which is the most persuasive? 
Lastly, does your Strategy meet culture? 

Often strategy exercises ask

Often strategy exercises ask

“Where do we want to grow?”

“What businesses should we be in?”

Instead, the strategy must address

“Who do we want to be?”

“What are we great at?”

“What will we be uniquely advantaged at doing?”

Answers to the above questions will help you to reach your goals faster. Go for a process driven approach by asking the right questions. Best organisations in the world have already adopted the above format in one or the other format. To get the above process curated for your organisation by our experts, fill the contact form below. Our team will be in touch with you immediately. 

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